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Leading European VC Draper Esprit rebrands to Molten Ventures

Draper Esprit, one of the most active venture capital firms in Europe that invests in disruptive, high growth technology companies has been rebranded as Molten Ventures. The rebranding reflects the company’s transformation in recent years, wherein its growth was accelerated to new heights and it attained a unique role in the democratisation of venture capital.

Why this rebranding?

The Molten Ventures name was inspired by the natural process of State Change, wherein matter is transformed via the injection of energy, changing from solid to molten state. The Molten team believes that venture capital works best when VCs give their energy to help companies succeed. It not only provides capital but also means experience, knowledge, relationships and a commitment for the long term.

This commitment exhibits Molten’s motto: Make More Possible, which reflects its unique contribution as a listed venture capital firm.

Molten Ventures invests in Europe’s best entrepreneurs and seed funds, thereby helping them to make more possible. Further, because it is listed, the rewards of Molten’s investments make it more possible for public market investors in addition to LPs.

Molten Ventures’ portfolio

Molten Ventures’ portfolio of investments boasts 67 companies including exciting early-stage companies like Irish drone delivery company Manna Aero, Cambridge-based quantum computing software company, Riverlane, London-based climate intelligence company, Cervest and Finnish satellite company ICEYE. Molten’s portfolio also includes European unicorns such as Trustpilot, UiPath, Graphcore, Revolut, Cazoo, Ledger and Aircall.

Also, Molten Ventures is a highly active investor in seed venture capital funds. Its Fund of Funds programme comprises 42 European funds, including Seedcamp, Earlybird, IcebreakerVC and Future Positive Capital. Funds committed in the last 3 years total £75m, with the same amount committed for the next three years.

Martin Davis, CEO at Molten Ventures said: “Our rebrand to Molten Ventures is rooted in the team’s long experience of transformation – both our own, and our successful efforts to help our portfolio do the same. It encapsulates that moment when VCs give their energy to help companies succeed and indicates what transformation means to us – for our portfolio, for our investors and for our society we make more possible. Our new motto also reflects our unique contribution as a listed venture capital firm to identify and fully support the vision of Europe’s most successful companies and in doing so delivering value for our shareholders.”

Stuart Chapman, Co-founder at Molten Ventures said: “We transformed the venture capital model by going public because we couldn’t see how conventional venture capital could really support entrepreneurs for the long term. When we founded the company in 2006, little did we realise we would be a FTSE250 company, but we knew that like any business we would need to be willing to transform ourselves to succeed. Our new name represents the knowledge that we can only succeed if we help our portfolio companies succeed, and that the transformation of venture capital itself is a necessary part of that success.”

Nicola McClafferty, Partner at Molten Ventures said: “All our energy is devoted to identifying and supporting Europe’s most visionary entrepreneurs. We recognise that building the next generation of companies requires flexible, patient and supportive capital and we are uniquely positioned to offer this – making more possible for all of us. I’m proud to be a part of this team and to have helped bring our new brand to life. Through this process we learned more about ourselves and in doing so, recommitted our efforts to supporting Europe’s best tech entrepreneurs and the exciting companies they lead.”