Just 4% of Tech London Advocates would vote for #Brexit

Tech London Advocates has today launched its ‘Yes’ to staying in the EU working group while unveiling a survey of its members that found just 4% would vote for a ‘Brexit’ from the European Union.

The questionnaire found that 86.5% of almost 300 respondents believe the UK should remain inside the EU, while 9.49% were still undecided.

TLA believes there are five key areas of the tech sector that might be damaged if the EU referendum, scheduled to happen before the end of 2017, sees the UK public vote to leave the world’s largest single market.

These areas are: access to talent, influence in regulatory decisions, access to trade agreements, ability to attract global HQs to the UK and collaboration with other European digital hubs.

Russ Shaw,  founder of Tech London Advocates, has today penned an article on how limiting skilled migration will stifle UK’s digital growth