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Beyond the Capital with South East Angels

South East Angels
Image credit: South East Angels

Kristina Pereckaite, the founder of South East Angels, believes the current slowdown in financing provides a strong opportunity for non-venture capital (VC) firm investors.

“Angel investors – if they weren’t investing through SEIS [seed enterprise investment scheme] funds – were kind of left behind a little bit because say we found a great company we wanted to invest in, a VC with a SEIS fund would normally get in there first, take the SEIS and then we would not have the time to get in.”

Less activity from VCs results in a “great opportunity” for angels to swoop in and get initial access to “better deals”, Pereckaite says.

“I think even though some people maybe are being slightly more cautious or turning down their investments, I think this is such a good time for angels to be making their investments because there’s less competition on the investment side.”...