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Beyond the Capital with South West investor QantX

Beyond the Capital QantX
Image credit: QantX / UKTN

QantX began life as a group of six angel investors backing startups in South West England. Its Devon-based founders, Richard Haycock and Sir Richard Olver, saw an opportunity to improve the commercialisation of the region’s intellectual property and increase the availability of capital for startups working in sustainability and modern healthcare.

“The aim really was to create high-quality jobs in the South West,” said Haycock, who is also the CEO of Qantx.

In an interview with UKTN, Haycock said the region has a lack of commercial expertise and global connectivity, which means it is often grappling with businesses moving elsewhere in the UK.

“There are parts of the South West which are literally the poorest in England,” Haycock said. “The average wage is very low. And a lot of businesses that are stunted actually then migrate out of the region, whether for additional capital or availability of the right talent.”...