Weaveworks raises $5m to open new US business

Weaveworks, the makers of the Weave network for Docker, has raised a $5m Series A round led by Accel Partners.

Weave enables customers to build and migrate applications to run on any container technology.

To put it simply, container technology lets multiple applications be run at once on the same server.

The Docker platform has been the leading programme in the technology’s recent growth.

Weavework’s recent success

Founded by the creators RabbitMQ, Weaveworks (formerly Zettio) will use the investment to grow its UK team and build out a new US operation.

Weave, the company’s flagship open-source product, was only launched in September 2014 but has quickly become one of the most popular Docker projects on GitHub.

“Early adopters are already reporting ‘10x’ wins and cost savings from containerisation”, said Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks. He added:

Weave aims to bring those gains to everyone, by focusing on ease of use.


Weavework’s project, and container technology more generally, has a number of potential uses.

It has been used to connect multiple data-centers and providers so they can run different application types simultaneously.

Kevin Comolli, Partner at Accel Partners, who will join the board, explained:

Containerisation is changing the rules of application development very fast, and in Weaveworks we see a team that can really deliver innovation at the speed required to win in this market.