Vince Cable anounces £16m funding for creative industries

Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced £16m of funding to match industry investment to boost skills in the creative industries.

Speaking at Facebook’s new London HQ, he praised the “fashion designers, publishers, software developers, TV and filmmakers who have put the UK on the world map with their creative talent.”

Cable was also on hand last month at the Tech City News International Hall of Fame awards where he celebrated migrant entrepreneurs contribution to the UK.

The funding from Government and creative industries will be used to co-invest in developing the current and future creative workforce in England.

Creative tech

The crossover between the creative industries and tech has become increasingly apparent over the past few years.

In June The Space, a new creative online platform, was launched to showcase new digital art. Support for the platform came from a number of artists and tech stars as well as the BBC, Arts Council England, and Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Earlier in the year, The Trampery also teamed up with the Barbican to open Fish Island Labs, a new creative centre in the shadow of the Olympic Park. The centre is set house about 50 practitioners whose talent spans both technology and the arts.

World leading

Developing world-beating talent continues to be a key priority for the creative industries.

Nicola Mendelsohn, Industry Co-Chair Creative Industries Council and Facebook VP Emea, added:

We’re trading in an increasingly competitive marketplace and cannot take our position for granted.

I am delighted that today’s announcement will help support and deliver one of the major planks of our creative industries strategy– the importance and centrality of developing our skills and talent base for the future.