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SigmaOS, a web browser for the modern worker, raises £3.4m


SigmaOS, a UK-founded web browser startup aiming to create a more productive and organised internet experience for mac users, has raised $4m (£3.4m).

Founded in 2021, SigmaOS was created with the idea that the majority of popular web browsers, including Chrome and Safari, were developed at a time when the needs of users were different to the modern worker.

SigmaOS founder Mahyad Ghassemibouyaghchi said constantly switching tabs and cluttered user interfaces with other browsers are exhausting when trying to get work done.

SigmaOS is aiming to be the browser for the modern worker, with a single window with different information being organised into personalised workspaces.

“Context-switching is very mentally heavy, and having the segmentation that our browser provides, and being able to do everything from one place, really helps,” said Ghassemibouyaghchi.

“The way we use computers has changed dramatically as our time is increasingly spent online. It’s time for a new generation of browser – one that is better designed and more intuitive.”

The funding round was led by LocalGlobe. SigmaOS also received support from Y Combinator, 7percent Ventures, Moonfire Ventures, Shine VC, TrueSight Ventures, Pioneer Fund, and Venture Together.

“Truth is that ‘modern’ web browsers have not evolved an awful lot over the last two decades. Innovation has remained mostly incremental, with browsers opting to jam-pack features on top of legacy UIs vs outright rethinking the fundamentals,” said LocalGlobe partner, Ziv Reichert.

“Four billion+ people now spend the bulk of their waking hours inside of browsers – working, socialising, creating and consuming content. With SigmaOS, the online experience will be vastly better for all.”