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RotaGeek saves O2 £2.5m – and sneaks out £500,000 round

Elevator Pitch winner RotaGeek has helped its biggest customer O2 save £2.5m by better matching staffing capacity to customer demand.

RotaGeek used data from 270 O2 retail stores to match 6,300 staff hours to when and where people were most needed.

The company also works with the NHS, along with a number of smaller enterprises, to help optimise staff time.

The startup joined Telefónica’s Wayra accelerator programme back in 2014 and is one of the 14 Tech City News Elevator Pitch winners in 2015.

RotaGeek has also revealed that is raised £557,000 back in July from six angel investors, this comes on top of a £100,000 investment from Wayra in October last year, plus a £52,000 convertible note investment received back in July.

Cofounder and doctor Chris McCullough came up with the idea for RotaGeek while working in A&E.

“Get it wrong and you can find that the waiting area in your A&E department starts to look like Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon but even less happy,” he said . “Get it wrong in a shop and you can find – as people did on Black Friday – that your shop starts to resemble a disgruntled A&E department.”

Gary Stewart, director of Wayra in the UK, said: “The team at RotaGeek worked tirelessly to understand the value it could bring to O2 and those who work in its stores delivering great customer service each day.

“This kind of meticulous planning and approach is what a young business must do in order for it to land deals with the big corporates and scale fast.”

“Our aim is to take RotaGeek global, to deliver value, simplify scheduling and delight customers around the world,” McCullough added.