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Roamer raise $1.3m, Britain fast tracks driverless cars and more in your Week in Tech

An investment this week could mean no more sneaky roaming charges when you’re abroad as London-based startup Roamer secured $1.3m.

The app enables users to link their existing mobile number to a local SIM card when they are abroad so that they can continue to use their phones for low-cost calls and data.

Boris Johnson also paved the way this week for London to pioneer 5G technology. He wants London to have the world’s first network of this kind.

And driverless cars could be coming to the capital and other British cities as the Government fast-tracked the arrival of autonomous vehicles. Trials are set to go ahead from January 2015.

Download of the Week

This week’s download is Mendeley, a research library in your pocket blending the real and the virtual worlds in their augmented reality app platform.

It is available free to Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iOS.

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Now Hiring

Festicket is Europe’s biggest and most comprehensive music festival travel platform and offers travel packages to 200 of the world’s best music festivals.

They are hiring nine new recruits, including a full stack developer and a social media executive, so make sure you check if there’s a position for you.

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