Mojn raises $4m, expands London presence

Danish personalised email marketer Mojn has raised $4 million to expand, after opening the team’s new office in London.

The Series A round was led by Northzone in Copenhagen and London, an early investor in TrustPilot, Spotify, Avito and Lastminute.com, with participation from Notion Capital.

Some of the money raised will go towards expanding the company’s presence in London.

Bring it all back to you

Mojn – pronounced ‘Moin’, like ‘coin’ – is a platform for e-commerce businesses to rope back potential customers who didn’t actually reach the checkout.

Users who’ve made an account but not purchased items get tailored emails based on their profile and what products they’ve viewed.

You, the business, create an email template – using your existing software like MailChimp if you wish – and give Mojn access to your product database.

It then creates personalised emails and sends them out automatically.

Early days

Founder Thomas Jenson has dubbed the service ‘Performance Email Targeting’, but says it’s only Mojn’s first product.

Our goal is to push the envelope even further until we’ve made a major impact on the society that surrounds us.

Customers of theirs include Citibank, Fiat and Groupon.

Tracing back

Mojn is actually part of a larger company called Realtime Targeting.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2009, Realtime Targeting offers web-based retargeting services to display banner ads to people who have recently viewed the site.