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MishiPay gets £1.65m to make checkout queues a thing of the past


MishiPay, an app which enables consumers to make purchases without having to queue at checkout, has raised more than £1.65m in Seed funding.

The startup’s round was led by London-based venture capital firm Nauta Capital.

Mustafa Khanwala, the co-founder and CEO of Mishipay, came up with the idea after standing in line to pay a few years ago. 

He then brought on his close friend Tanvi Bhardwaj to join as co-founder and CTO.

Khanwala said: “This round is a significant stepping stone for us. After having proven our technology in trials across 4 countries, we are now ready to work with major retailers to prove the clear value in rolling out our technology in their stores.

“The investment will help us realise our projects with the largest and most innovative retailers in Europe such as Media Markt Saturn, the largest consumer electronics retailer in Europe.

“Our vision is to make shopping on the high street just as seamless as shopping online, and we couldn’t have found a better investment partner than Nauta to help us bring this vision to life,” he added.

Carles Ferrer, general partner at Nauta Capital, spoke of MishiPay’s potential.

“The growth and success Mustafa and Tanvi have shown this far in such a short amount of time has impressed us and we believe our funding will help them multiply those results.”

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