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Mailcloud raises $2.8m pre-launch to improve team communication

Communications service Mailcloud has raisds $2.8m as it plans an attack on conventional email.

The London-based startup hopes to bring all your communication into one place, sorting emails, files and messages by person, company or topic for you.

The investment was led by Octopus Investments and Bessemer Venture partners, who completed its first seed round in Europe. Seedcamp London and a wide range of angel investors also took part.

Mailcloud is yet to launch but users can sign up to trial the beta version from its website.

Launching soon

Founded in late 2013, the service is being built by a team of 10 engineers from IBM, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless and Hewlett Packard.

The idea behind the service is to bring all communication to one place, no matter what device is being used, to make communication easier.

It is one of a number of recent services to promise simplified and improved communication. Others include Spatch and Slack, not to mention the wide variety of email clients available.

Thousands of emails

Malcolm Bell, CEO at Mailcloud, founded the service because he was “really frustrated after receiving 145,000 emails in 2011”.

I spent so much time organising my own organisation I couldn’t get any real work done.

Since I was kid, I always had a passion for technology and this was a problem I believed technology could solve.

The service will go live in November on Android and iOS devices.

The investment follows a $1m commitment in January from founder Bell’s investment company Dessinka.