Kano raises $1M to help kids make their own computers

Kano, a computer anyone can make exceeded expectations today when their startup surpassed their original goal of $100,000 on crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Mica w booksCo-founders Alex Klein and Yonatan Raz-Fridman surprised themselves when thousands of people from around the world contributed to make Kano a reality.

It makes this one of the most global crowdfunded projects ever.

Inspired By Kids

In a world where technology is becoming increasingly integral to our everyday lives, Kano is a tool that’s bringing us back to where computing started.

It’s based on dragging blocks and playing games, helping children achieve a strong understanding of computers and how they work.

It was inspired by children, in particular a boy called Kelvin from Sierra Leone who used materials from the street to run his own radio station.

Mika, pictured right, was another happy recipient of the chance to try out the kit.

Tackling nerves

alex-kleinCo-founder Alex Klein said:

We started Kano, because we wanted to make sure that anyone, anywhere can make a computer – and have fun doing it.

The co-founders believe that everyone should have the chance to make and play with technology, especially if you’ve been excluded by economics, geography, or just nervousness.

06 Kano Components

What’s in the box

The Kano kit includes everything you need to build a computer, make games, music and learn how to code.

It’s powered by Raspberry Pi and costs £69. As a result of the world-wide support Kano will be available in 10 languages from English to Thai.

People interested in supporting Kano and reserving the kit can pledge until 19 December 2014 on Kano’s Kickstarter page.

Kano on tour

Kano have decided to go on a world tour beginning today, visiting Kelvin the young inventor in Sierra Leone.

They will try to take their product to some of the thousands of backers, stretching across 40 countries who made this startup so successful.