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Grabble closes $1.8m funding round

Fashion app Grabble has netted $1.8m from a consortium of angel investors as it looks to expand into the US.

The app, which has been called the “Tinder for fashion”  provides instant, shoppable fashion content that can be bought by users on the go.

To achieve this the Grabble team has built a technology infrastructure which enables retailers to add their products straight off their site and turn them into mobile content without additional integration.

Co-founder and CMO Daniel Murray said:

“The size of the seed round is a great indication not only of the size of our addressable market, but the importance of our geographical location, London, now a centre of excellence for both technology and more traditionally, fashion.

“We have spent a long time targeting relevant investors who passionately share our vision on M Commerce and support our strategy on delivering a great experience for fashion retailers and consumers alike on mobile.”

International expansion

Alongside integrating a checkout for its most “Grabbed” retailers the team has also set its sights on international expansion, notably in Asia and the US.

Joel Freeman, Co-founder and CEO, added:

“Our aim is to launch in the USA by the Summer, but we are also looking East, having strategically taken investment from influential angel investors from Asia and the US that could assist us in these exciting markets where mobile usage is growing so fast.”