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FutureGov raises £1m from Nesta and Surrey Council

Public service consultancy FutureGov had raised £1 million from Nesta Impact Investments and Surrey County Council.

The company, which designs digital products to help modernise Local Government, will use the money to expand its product base and grow its team.

Local Government 2.0

FutureGov works with local authorities to make more comprehensive, efficient and easy-to-use public services.

Their first product, Patchwork, aims to connect professionals who work in different public services but have the same clients.

Inspired by the Baby P tragedy, Patchwork is design to solve the issue of one person dealing with several related services, none of whom talk to each other or compare notes.

Other products include Casserole, which connects people with spare home-cooked food to neighbours who aren’t able to cook for themselves, and Innovation Services, which helps public bodies be more involved in the development process of new services.

Social impact

Nesta Impact Investments’ £25 million social impact fund aims to invest in life-changing innovations that address the major challenges faced by older people, children and communities in the UK.

The fund is backed by Big Society Capital, Omidyar Network and Nesta.

Surrey County Council, also backing FutureGov in this investment round, is also one of the local authorities using Patchwork.