Freeformers lands £1.2m to boost workforce transformation


Freeformers, a firm which seeks to digitally transform companies, has raised £1.2m from Impact Ventures UK.

The investment will be used to support the company’s expansion across the UK and abroad.

Set up by Gi Fernando MBE, Freeformers sets out to equip companies and individuals in a bid to prepare them to the changing world of work.

As part of this, clients are given the necessary skills to manage workplace challenges generated by flexible work, automation and ever increasing digital transformation.

Freeformers says it is already working with clients including HSBC, Barclays, Tesco and the Ministry of Justice.  

Fernando said: “At Freeformers, we are primarily concerned with two types of people: those currently in work and those entering, or hoping to enter, the workforce for the first time. We also help companies understand that people can change and do a new digital job, irrespective of what they were doing before, whilst bringing their strengths from experience, such as empathy, to make them more valuable not less.

“The investment from IVUK will deliver a major boost to our profit with purpose focus, and support our mission to provide large organisations with a diverse, data-driven workforce analytics model and platform to help them grow and allow people to grow with them,” he added.

Kevin Bone, partner at IVUK said he was delighted to support the company.

“We believe that Freeformers’ unique services and platforms will deliver significant societal impact and global market potential by ensuring that no one is left behind in the fast-changing world of work.

“For many, the rapid changes in the skills required for fulfilling employment is a source of great insecurity and can lead to dramatically negative life outcomes. By arming large workforces with a digital mindset, individuals are empowered to continuously upskill,” Bone concluded.

Freeformers offers two tech platforms –  Freeformers Pulse and Freeformers Learn, which reportedly monitor transformation in real time.

The company is also partnering with Facebook on its ‘Community Boost EU’ programme, a scheme set up to work with small businesses and startups to help them scale and hire.