FlatClub raises $1.5m funding for trusted accomodation network

FlatClub, a London-based online accommodation network for elite university students and alumni has raised $1.5m of investment.

Investors include MLC50, Eili Talmor of London Business School and David Wolfe of BrandJourney and InterCapital.

Short term lets

The team are based at the TechHub co-working space, and started out back in 2010.  FlatClub offers short-term rents between trusted groups of people and now boasts over 50,000 verified members.

Privacy is a key feature for the service, as owners can select who can view their property from within their networks of friends or university alumni.

Links with London Business School

Co-founders Nitzan Yudan and Tomer Kalish are both graduates of London Business School, and plan to use the investment to expand across Europe.

Commenting on the new, co-founder Nitzan Yudan said:

nitzan“Our business has been built on creating trusted networks within which our members can rent and let properties with genuine peace of mind. This investment, coupled with the wealth of experience and guidance from our new investors, will help us extend this successful ‘model of trust’ into other cities around the world and more trusted networks and take FlatClub to new levels.”