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Fanmode raises $2.4m to get fans closer to the their team

Real-time sports app Fanmode has raised $2.4m in seed funding to continue improving its platform.

The London-based company allows sports fans to share their emotions during matches with fellow fans from around the world. The data can then be integrated onto stadium screens and be broadcasted online.

The funding has come primarily from Swedish and south African angel investors.

Full launch

Through the app, fans can ‘high-five’ each other, wave a flag, and cheer their team on (among many other actions) from wherever they are during a match.

The idea is bringing fans closer to both their teams and each other.

Neven Murugan, CEO and founder of Fanmode, explains:

Fan engagement with sporting events has traditionally been limited to those actually at the event itself.

But with major sporting events there are millions of fans around the world who want to feel like part of the action and have their voice heard.


Fanmode has support from Wembley Stadium, Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, and a number of football clubs from the Premier League and Spain’s La Liga.

Roger Maslin, managing director of Wembley Stadium, added:

I think there is something in Fanmode’s idea and we are happy and proud to both be inspiring and supporting entrepreneurial activities that brings more fans closer to the game on match day.