EdTech firm SAM Labs raises additional $6.75m


SAM Labs has closed a $6.75m (£5.1m) Series A led by Touchstone Innovations and E15 Ventures.

The EdTech startup said it will use the cash to develop a series of new products in a bid to continue inspiring students to code and create.

“As a technology company delivering solutions for teaching STEAM and computing, we’re thrilled to deepen our research and development efforts to bring new products to the classroom,” said Joachim Horn, founder and CEO of SAM Labs.

“This round of funding will increase our time spent working closely with teachers, administrators, and standards like NGSS to develop the most engaging teaching materials, hardware, and software to excite students about the possibilities of STEAM.”

Founded in 2014 by a group of Imperial College graduates, SAM Labs, which has created  Internet of Things (IoT) electronic kits, raised a £3.2m round led by Imperial Innovations Group last year. Prior to that, the startup raised more than £125,000 via crowdfunding.

Philip Liang, managing partner at E15 Ventures, said: “SAM Labs keenly understands the importance of democratising coding – making coding education accessible for all students across all skill levels and interests.

“E15 Ventures is proud to invest in tomorrow’s coding experts. We’re pleased to be a partner to SAM Labs as it drives mainstream interest in coding and computer science,” he added.

Robert Bahns, director of technology ventures and Touchstone Innovations said he had seen an increased focus from EdTech companies seeking to improve education standards around the world.

“With products like the STEAM Kit, SAM Labs has been at the forefront of this innovation since it was founded in 2014 – and in many ways, it has set the standard for coding and computer science education both at home and in the classroom. A proficiency in computer science is something from which all students should benefit, and SAM Labs is allowing for this possibility across the globe,” he added.

SAM Labs said it will continue to grow its partnerships with government organisations such as the City of Helsinki and the UAE Ministry of Education, as well as firms including Microsoft Education and Intel Education.

Today’s news comes after fellow EdTech firm Kano, co-founded by Alex Klein, raised a $28m round from investors including Breyer Capital just last month.

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