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Deliveroo grabs $25m to expand high-end takeaway service

Food delivery service Deliveroo has announced a $25m Series B round led by Accel Partners.

The London-based startup delivers food from high-quality independent and chain restaurants (including Nando’s and GBK), and will use the investment to drive international and UK expansion.

The service will launch in Manchester this week, a move described as “the first step in an ambitious expansion plan” by CEO William Shu.

Better food

Founded in 2013, Shu and cofounder Greg Orlowski set out to provide the ultimate food experience for the startup’s clients.

Instead of delivering from lower-end takeaway restaurants, Deliveroo enables higher-end restaurants to provide delivery and use excess capacity in the kitchens without adding extra burden on the rest of the staff.

Deliveroo’s traction

Since raising its $4m Series A round last summer, the company has rapidly expanded and now operates in London and Brighton with a plethora of high-profile restaurants including Rossopomodoro and tossed. Deliveroo has also expanded its team to over 50 people.

Accel’s Fred Destin who joins the board says the VC was impressed by Deliveroo’s “very impressive traction” and believes its team has created a service “that speaks to a much larger global trend in how people want to discover and experience local food”.

Index Ventures, Hoxton Ventures, and Hummingbird Ventures also participated in the round.