Death to QR codes! Quikkly raises $1m investment

Marketing startup Quikkly has raised $1m from Initial Capital and a group of angel investors.

The London-based startup hopes to “make the real world clickable” through what they call action tag, a spin on traditional QR codes.

The action tags, surprisingly enough, are all actionable and instead of just bringing you to a page, as QR codes do, actually do whatever they say on the tag. Following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is just a scan away, as is watching trailers and adding dates to your calendar.

Getting investment Quikkly

The startup only launched last month but has started to see traction with brands and agencies.

“We’re seeing action tags being used in ways we had never even considered all around the world. It shows just how flexible Quikkly is,” says Fergal Walker, CEO of Quikkly.

He added that he is delighted to have Initial Capital joining their vision.

“It’s very early days in the life of Quikkly but companies are already seeing levels of offline engagement considerably higher than before.”

“The Quikkly concept is a brilliant one which creates substantial value both for businesses and consumers who want to connect the online and offline worlds,” says Shakeeb Alireza from Initial Capital.

“We are delighted to be joining Quikkly as an investor and look forward to helping them grow into a global leader in this category.”