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Casual stock trading app BUX raises $1.9m

Fintech startup BUX has raised a $1.9m round from early-stage funder and gaming specialist Initial Capital.

BUX launched 12 months ago to gamify investment in the stock market, particularly for inexperienced investors.

The company has so far amassed 200,000 users in the UK and the Netherlands, and will use its second injection of cash to accelerate growth in new European markets, starting with Germany in Q4.

Nick Bortot, CEO BUX: “BUX is the result of a cross pollination between two different sectors: games and trading, which is an excellent starting point for radical innovation. I’m thrilled that as a fintech company, we can now draw on the knowledge of one of the leading VC’s in the games sector.”

Shukri Shammas, founder and partner at Initial Capital, which counts Supercell among its successful investments, added: “Making stock trading more accessible through gamification isn’t easy. You need a unique team, consisting of members that don’t naturally find themselves working within each other’s vicinities: people with experience in brokerage and people who are into games.

“BUX has managed to build such a team. Because of this, and the traction that BUX has shown after just a year, we are genuinely excited to be involved with BUX turning the traditional brokerage sector upside down.”

Other investors in this round were Dutch fintech specialist Velocity Capital, along with 5Square.