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UK-founded call analytics firm Iovox has raised $9m in Series A funding from Octopus Ventures and SF Capital, and $1m debt financing from Silicon Valley Bank.

The firm, co-founded by Ryan and Belinda Gallagher, provides call analytics solutions for brands such as British Telecom, Zoopla, AutoTrader UK and Pizza Express.

It enables individuals and businesses to sync, store, organise and search their call data across mobile and desktop devices.

“Historically, the call tracking industry has been focused on helping prove ROI for inbound marketing calls,” said Ryan Gallagher..

“While that is a very valuable service and is something which Iovox already excels at, inbound marketing calls are just a portion of a company’s total call volume. With this new funding, we’ve set out to make all calls – regardless of source – actionable, informative and able to be analysed for individuals and for businesses of any size.”

The firm recently expanded to the US, creating an office in Mill Valley, California, and plans to use the new funding to boost it’s presence in the States.

“Iovox is empowering businesses of all sizes from across the world to derive insights from their call activities,” said Drew Beito, vice president at Silicon Valley Bank.

“We’re excited to provide this debt financing to Iovox as it expands in the U.S. and prepares to roll out its new service offerings,” he added.