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BrickVest property investment platform receives $1m

London’s BrickVest has raised $1m from twenty investors to build a pan-European online property investment platform.

The platform, which launches in the summer, brings together property owners, developers and investors, offering people the opportunity to put their cash in European and North American real estate for as little as €1,000.

Cofounder Dr. Thomas Schneider said: “The real estate investment industry has long been closed off to new investors by the same group of major players. With the launch of BrickVest’s online investment platform, we are smashing through an opaque marketplace creating access never before given in the space. For investors seeking a wide range of risk-adjusted transparent and easy to understand investments, BrickVest is that opportunity without incurring huge, unnecessary fees.”

“Most existing real estate peer-to-peer funding options are actually acting as a brokerage service for investors. At BrickVest we provide full investment manager services. This includes complete governance, as well as ratings and underwriting services courtesy of our proprietary technology. This comprehensive service has never before been available to investors other than the major real estate players.”