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Middleton brother’s Boomf Instagram marshmallows raise over $1m

Personalised marshmallow makers Boomf have raised over $1m to expand their physical operation and product range.

Co-founder Andy Bell says that the business have $1m committed from investors and are in the process of closing the round.

The London-based company sell personalised sets of marshmallows with the consumer’s pictures printed on to them.

The investment comes from a number of investors including Nick Jenkins, founder of Moonpig, who is also joining the company as chairman. Other investors include Duncan Jennings, founder of VoucherCodes, and Matt Wheeler, founder of DriftRock.


Here comes the Boomf

Boomf allow users to upload pictures from Instagram, Facebook and computers and marshmallows made with the pictures on them.

With the investment, Boomf plan to expand their number of physical stores after a successful trial in Selfridges earlier this year.

The team also have a number of new inventive products in the works, including giant marshmallows as large as your head that you can see above.


Culinary expansion

Boomf was launched as a joint venture between Andy Bell, founder of Mint Digital, and James Middleton, culinary entrepreneur and brother to the Duchess of Cambridge.

The startup has now been spun out as an independent company with Bell acting as CEO and Middleton taking the role of Production Director.

Commenting on the appointment of Jenkins as chairman, Middleton said:

There can be few people with better experience of personalised e-commerce in the UK.

It is wonderful that he sees the potential of the Boomf and feels able to help steer our growth.