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Investment across space tech grew 29% in 2018

Investment across space tech grew by 29% to $3.25bn in 2018 and was divided between 182 companies, across the six different parts of the ecosystem, according to research by Seraphim Capital.

Seraphim’s latest Space Index, detailing global investment into the Space-tech ecosystem in 2018, shows the growing appetite for space tech by venture capital investor across the globe.

The six different parts of the ecosystem were identified as being: build ($236m); launch ($1.3bn); products ($477m); data ($845m); downlink ($110m); and analysis ($275m).

Mark Boggett, MD at Seraphim Capital and CEO of the Seraphim Space Fund, said: “The Index reported that 182 companies were venture financed during 2018 versus 131 in 2017. The growth was fuelled by investment into earlier stage investments versus the top five companies funded which accounted for $1bn in both 2018 and 2017....