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Investing in students’ creativity is crucial

Simon Morris, director, Adobe Creative Cloud for Education (EMEA), believes that investing in students’ creativity is crucial for the future as it becomes the key differentiator in an age when AI and machine learning has reduced arduous, respective tasks.

His comments came as the government announced plans to introduce a £10m fund to support innovative uses of tech in schools and colleges across England.

Responding to the news, he said: “The announcement by the Education Secretary is a positive step forward that will support teachers in reaping the benefits that technology has to offer in education.

“Used in the right way, technology can have an immensely positive impact on students and teachers. I look forward to hearing more about the government’s edtech strategy, in particular how technology can be used to help unleash young people’s potential – something Adobe believes is vital for creativity.

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, and creativity will be their superpower. Technology is an evolving fact of life, and its positive impact can be seen in the removal of arduous, repetitive tasks in the workplace. Creativity is a human mystery which no algorithm can replicate; in today’s world of automation and for the future requirements of industry, it’s not really such a ‘soft’ skill at all.

“As an industry, technology providers together with Government, educators and partners, have a responsibility to make sure teachers have the resources and support they need to make creativity and creative problem solving skills a core part of the curriculum.

“At Adobe, we work in partnership with schools, colleges and other organisations to support educators in using technology to enhance teaching and learning practices. We have just announced a partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company to bring digital and creative skills to the fore across one of the most internationally loved and timeless classroom topics: Shakespeare.

“This long-term partnership will support teachers looking to inject additional digital skills and creativity into their classroom practice. It will also help students develop the creative problem-solving skills increasingly needed in the workplace.”