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Innovate UK competition to award £175,000 to retail innovation startups

ic tomorrow competition

IC tomorrow is giving five small businesses the chance to win £35,000 to help them overcome five major digital challenges currently facing the retail sector as part of its attempt to drive industry-wide innovation.

Launched by Innovate UK,  IC tomorrow has worked with partners in the retail  industry to define a series of key issues: including dealing with food waste, improving the accessibility of digital services in-store and in-markets and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Matt Sansam, lead technologist, digital economy and programme manager for IC tomorrow, said in a statement:

“Digital has already transformed the retail environment. The customer experience in retail has come on in leaps and bounds in the last decade with digital technology as a catalyst. The Future of Retail innovation contest aims to drive the evolution of this huge industry.”

Participants will also compete for the chance to collaborate with IC tomorrow’s partners: Tesco, WRAP, Unilever, London College of Fashion, UAL, Barclays and the Greater London Authority.

The five winners will be expected to trial their proposed solutions with their industry partners during a minimum period of three months.

Applications must be submitted by 12.00pm on 23rd February and winners will be announced on 22nd April.