Innovate UK awards £140,000 to tech companies in Urban Spaces contest


Innovate UK has awarded £140,000 in funding to the four winning tech companies of its Urban Spaces contest.

Crowd Connected, Accelogress Limited, Yello Brick and BlockBuilders have walked away with up to £35,000 each.

Matt Sansam, lead technologist and programme manager for IC tomorrow, said:“With ever more people living in cities and other urban areas, it is essential that we continually look for innovations in the design and use of urban spaces. Each of these winners are clearly innovators in their fields and have provided an exciting solution to their different challenge areas.

“At Innovate UK we’re constantly on the lookout for emerging talent which might help solve some of the biggest digital challenges that face the modern day. We look forward to watching these pioneers progress in the coming months,” he added.

Each company will  work with a selected industry partner – including Transport for London – to produce a prototype to tackle tube over-crowding, community engagement, journey management and open spaces.