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2021 UK tech IPOs one year on: Slashed valuations, insolvency and profit woes

UK tech IPOs 2021
Image credit: Tony Baggett / Shutterstock

In 2021, UK tech public listings raised a record £6.6bn, more than double that of 2020. Big-name British tech companies including Deliveroo, Wise, and Darktrace painted an optimistic picture for the future of tech initial public offerings (IPOs) on the London Stock Exchange. One year on, amid a global economic downturn and looming recession, the fortunes of these companies and UK public markets are less rosy.

Last year, 37 tech and consumer internet companies went public in the UK, compared to just eight in 2020. Many of these companies have become household names. However, looking at these companies one year on paints a bleak picture. Many have struggled with profitability, one has gone bust and most have seen their market capitalisation plummet.

Here’s how some of the notable tech companies have fared since their 2021 IPOs....