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UK tech startups have the worst gender pay gap in Europe

UK tech gender pay gap

Tech startups in the UK are paying women 26% less than their male counterparts, the highest unadjusted gender pay gap in Europe.

The figures, published on International Women’s Day, show that women working in the UK tech industry are on average paid 74p for every £1 earned by men.

The tech gender pay gap is 22% in Germany and 20% in the Netherlands, according to data from compensation benchmarking platform Figures and recruitment platform 50inTech.

The data, which is taken from 1,000 startups and scaleups across Europe, shows that UK tech startups have a bigger gender pay gap than the country’s average across all sectors, which in 2022 stood at 14.9%.

However, the tech gender pay gap in the UK increased by 4p compared to the year prior, a four percentage-point change from 30% to 26%. In comparison, the whole of Europe has a gap of 19%....