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GP Bullhound: UK tops ranking for European tech unicorns

gp bullhound

The UK is the European country home to most tech unicorns, having added four billion dollar businesses in the past 12 months.

According to GP Bullhound’s ‘Titans of Tech: Europe’s Flagship Companies’ report, the UK technology industry now boasts 22 billion dollar firms, cumulatively valued at $49.9bn.

In fact, the research shows that the UK, Germany and Sweden remain Europe’s leading hubs for scaling digital businesses, with 36 companies valued at $1bn or more.

However, 10 other countries are now home to billion-dollar businesses. Germany, in particular, has demonstrated strong growth in recent years.

As well as being home to Zalando – one of Europe’s three $10bn firms – Germany has added six billion-dollar companies since 2014. Sweden is tied with Germany as the country with the second highest number of billion-dollar tech companies (7). Israel follows with five and France and Russia are close behind with three each....