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Top tech stats: Shopping on mobile, data breaches and more

Welcome to your roundup of some of the past week’s most interesting surveys, statistics and reports relevant to those involved in the UK tech industry.

This week, we have statistics relating to consumers’ shopping habits, data breaches and the rise of card purchases.

Shopping on mobile

New research unveiled by PayPal has found that, despite the increase in mobile sales, only 18% of the UK’s small businesses are mobile optimised.

A UK-wide survey of more than 2,000 SMEs and 2,000 consumers found a growing gap between online shoppers’ mobile preferences and what small businesses are offering.

According to the research, mobile shopping is outstripping overall online spending by four to one in the UK. The trend, the data suggests, is set to continue, with 30% of Brits expecting to use their smartphone to shop more often over the coming year.  When looking at the 16-25 cohort, the figure rises to 44%....