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Research shows half of UK adults want their digital history deleted

Nearly half of UK adults would like part of their digital history to be deleted forever, new research has found.

The research, conducted by Accenture, surveyed  2,000 UK adults on data privacy and found that 47% of them would like certain aspects of their online activity deleted. The five most popular things that people would like to be deleted from their digital history are:

  1. Photos of themselves posted by others
  2. Embarrassing social media posts
  3. Search engine history
  4. Shopping habits
  5. Credit history

GDPR is coming into force on 25 May. It will give everyone in the UK the right to access data that companies hold about them and ask for it to be deleted.

In this survey 70% of people welcomed the new regulations with worries about data security (68%) and a lack of control over hidden data (62%) being the two biggest concerns....