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UK rapid delivery: the startup survivors and those gone in a jiffy

UK rapid delivery startups
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Rapid delivery startups scooped billions in venture capital cash during the low-interest rate-induced funding boom. The pandemic’s stay-at-home restrictions gave a shot in the arm to the market, which aims to bring groceries to customers’ doors in 20 minutes or less.

But in 2023, the market is in a very different place. Mergers, closures and a funding slowdown have reshaped the rapid delivery space, leaving fewer players standing. Many of those remaining are scaling back operations and pulling out of geographical markets.

Getir, the Turkish rapid grocery delivery giant, recently cut 2,500 jobs just over a month after its UK staff were asked to help clear out a number of warehouses as a cost-cutting measure.

Analysts have long claimed that the low margins of rapid delivery make it incredibly difficult to make a profit....