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Microchipping employees: What are the legal implications?

Clare Gilroy-Scott, a partner in the employment team at Goodman Derrick LLP, talks about microchipping employees.

Wearable technology is now common in the workplace, including employer-provided fitness trackers which can monitor employees’ health and activity levels. It seems that the next step, microchipping employees, is already here.

Swedish manufacturer of the implants, Biohax, is reportedly discussing employee microchipping with a number of UK businesses, having already chipped 4,000 workers in Sweden. UK business, Bioteq, has reportedly chipped 150 of its workers including its directors.

What is microchipping?

The Biohax microchip has a cost of around £150.  It is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted between the thumb and index finger.  It operates in a similar way to the pet microchip, a technology that has been in place for some time and is used to identify lost pets and control access through pet doors....