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London Stock Exchange to back review of declining fintech growth

fintech review

The London Stock Exchange has agreed to back a review addressing declining growth and investments into UK fintech startups.

Announced as part of Fintech Week London, the review will bring together key industry partners, regulators, investors, and fintech companies to better understand the trajectory of the industry and ensure it thrives.

Fintech has been one of the most heavily invested in sectors of UK tech, with 2021 showing record-high funding. However, according to Fintech Week London, new industry analysis has revealed a sharp decline in 2022.

Founding partners that have already signed up to support the fintech funding review include the London Stock Exchange, The Fintech Times, and fintech specialist PR firm SkyParlour, with more expected to follow.

Of the many topical issues affecting the international fintech space, the recent predicted downturn in VC funding is one that affects the entire ecosystem,” said Raf De Kimpe, CEO of Fintech Week London....