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In the age of software, getting your hardware product right is crucial


Aleš Špetič is founder and CEO of Klevio, a smart home startup, and previously founded CubeSensors and Zemanta. In this article, he helps fellow tech entrepreneurs get their hardware product ready for launch.

The startup world is relentless, every week there is headline after headline of tech companies launching the latest product. While we enjoy being a part of this environment and it’s interesting to watch it unfold, a lot of the announcements focus on digital products. As a founder working with both a hardware and a software solution, I wanted to share some of the lessons that come from creating a hardware company, especially one in the field of home and workplace security. With a physical product it is key to get the product right at launch.  

With apps and games for instance, although it frustrates early adopters, a partially finished or simple product can launch, and with revenues coming in the team can work to fix bugs and clean up processes. In a digital world there seems to be a growing trend that if it is broken, within reason, we can fix it later. Investors want to see return on their money, and peaks in user acquisition, so we can launch and iterate in small ways consistently along the way....