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GP Bullhound: UK leads creation of European tech unicorns

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The UK is leading the way in the creation of tech unicorns in Europe, according to research released by tech investment bank GP Bullhound.

According to the findings, the UK has seen the emergence of six billion dollar companies worth $12.4bn. The research also found that the UK had produced the highest number of billion-dollar companies in Europe over the past 18 years – contributing $64bn to the continent’s $240bn ecosystem.

New tech unicorns in the UK include Revolut and Blue Prism, a robotic process automation software company, which IPO’ed in March 2016.

GP Bullhound’s ‘Titans of Tech: European Tech Comes of Age’, report found that out of the 50 businesses expected to become Europe’s next tech unicorns, half were in the enterprise, SaaS, FinTech and Transportation industries. Almost two thirds of these were in the UK, France and Israel....