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8 steps to building a tech business from the ground up


Dipika Sawhney, programme manager for Amazon Advertising Services, on how you can build a tech business from the ground up. 

My story of digital innovation started during a three-month trip to London a few years ago, when I found myself unable to rent an apartment for a medium-term stay. This was long before the days of Airbnb!

Faced with that challenge, I was inspired to create Flat Club, later re-branded as Benivo, which has become a great success as a digital service enabling companies to make new employees feel settled in their new city. We generated revenue of £1.2m in the first year, and within two years we had 5,500 flats and 30,000 members on board.

If Flat Club was my first baby, there were more to come! Since 2016 I have been creating and building internal startups within Amazon. Currently I lead a team responsible for helping tens of thousands of small and new advertising businesses to succeed across Europe....