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Can tech disrupt traditional mental health treatment?

It’s undeniable that we are experiencing a mental health crisis in the UK. Suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 years in England and Wales, and an online poll of 4,619 people found that, in the past year, 74% of respondents felt so stressed they were unable to cope and 51% of adults reported feeling depressed. In the meantime, and as more people seek help, funding for NHS services remains static and is often slashed or cut entirely.

This climate, alongside a shift towards more open conversations around mental health, has led to a surge in the prevalence of apps seeking to increase wellness. But, could these apps be a saving grace, helping to reduce the burden on a sector seemingly in crisis? And if so, can they fully address the problem or does their true potential lie in prevention tactics as opposed to providing traditional treatment?

A digital therapist

Dr Zain Sikafi, the co-founder and CEO of Mynurva, believes his platform can supplement the lack of physical services tasked with providing desperate people with the help they can’t get elsewhere....