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‘48% of UK firms embarking on acquisitions to access next-generation tech’


Some 48% of UK businesses making acquisitions said their goal was to gain next-generation technology, while 39% noted they acquired to gain new capabilities.

That’s according to Accenture’s Tech-Led M&A Study, which surveyed over 1,000 C-level executives and also found that the vast majority of firms making digital acquisitions in quick succession were struggling to extract the full value of the deals due to their inability to integrate diverse cultures.

In fact, the data shows that an overwhelming majority (73%) of UK firms kept recent digital acquisitions as standalone businesses – especially those operating within the consumer goods and energy industries. The findings come despite firms recognising that technology (71%) and cultural (62%) integration are critical to deal success.

Overall the research found that digital motivations were increasingly driving M&A transactions, with companies operating in the industrial, travel and health industries being the most active in acquiring digital businesses....