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How to innovate and invent the next best thing in UK tech

Nick Chrissos, Director of Innovation at Europe at Cisco, explains how to build the ideas of tomorrow, by transforming how we view innovation 

Innovation – taking a disruptive idea and making it real. Whether it’s Mobike in transport, Purple Bricks in property management or Square Bank in banking – often the more disruptive an idea, the better.

In the past few years, we’ve seen continued investment in innovation in the UK. In August, the government announced plans to invest £1bn into British innovation, with funding to benefit the UK’s world-leading researchers and entrepreneurs. Cisco also extended its Country Digital Acceleration programme in the UK – a long term partnership featuring national leadership, industry and academia which encourages GDP growth, job creation, innovation and education in both the public and private sectors. The extension of the programme sees a further $100m investment into the UK economy, which in part goes towards a new AI research centre at University College London. ...