How this Berlin-based employment platform wants to help UK companies hire talent overseas post-Brexit


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is becoming more prevalent than ever, however, it can sometimes be challenging to set up. And this is where Lano, a Berlin-based startup comes into play. 

Founded by Aurel Albrecht & Markus Schünemann in 2018, Lano offers companies, freelancers, and remote teams around the globe a technical toolset for the best-possible collaboration. 

Helps UK based businesses with employment challenges

In a latest development, the German startup launched a full solution service allowing UK companies to easily work with talent outside of the UK, in the capacity of contractors or full-time employees. 

In the UK, post-Brexit, ‘talent mobility’ has become a challenge on a large scale, claims the company. With around 3.6 million EU citizens currently living in the UK, and 4.5 million Brits living in Europe, the end of the EU’s freedom of movement means Brits employed in continental Europe, or EU nationals employed in the UK, will soon need work visas. 

Hire talent within 2 weeks

In this case, Lano’s service enables to hire talent anywhere in the world in under 2 weeks. It is particularly targeted at companies wanting to hire full-time employees in countries where they don’t have a legal entity. 

Notably, the global employment platform hires the employees on behalf of their clients, taking care of the onboarding, and ensuring compliance with local laws. In addition, Lano can help secure work visa sponsorship for non-UK citizens.   

Moreover, the company has collaborated with Currencycloud to offer companies, freelancers, contractors, and remote teams a centralised platform to manage payments. Through Lano, the companies can now pay employees and contractors in over 175 countries, in multiple currencies. 

Right now, Lano assists 450+ companies and over 30.000 contractors worldwide in over 100 countries. To date, the company raised $850K (approx £644K) from Atlantic Labs and Tomahawk. As of November 2020, they have 28 employees.

“We wanted to make Lano a one-stop-shop for international hiring, offering integrated partner services and technology to help HR departments navigate new market opportunities and access global talent”, says Aurel Albrecht, founder and Managing Director of Lano. “Building on their global talent pool is becoming a crucial consideration for small to medium businesses, especially in high-tech sectors, where they are wanting to employ the best-skilled workers across Europe and the rest of the world.”