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How tech is changing healthcare globally

HealthTech panel 2

HealthTech is all about data. That was the general consensus reached during a panel at The Europas, a prominent technology conference and startup awards ceremony, held in London today.

The discussion, moderated by Mike Butcher, the conference’s founder, sought to decipher the state of the UK’s digital health industry and identify the challenges and opportunities for technology startups and scaleups.

Hamish Grierson, co-founder of HealthTech startup Thriva, which announced the closure of a £1.5m Seed round earlier in the day, reinforced the fact that the healthcare industry, its challenges and its success, is driven by data.

“If you look at the challenges faced by wearable tech companies, one of the main issues is that people often take their devices off, but also the data that’s been collected needs to go somewhere and most importantly, it must be secure.”...