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How infinitSpace is shaking up the flexible working space

A Q&A with Wybo Wijnbergen, Co-founder and CEO at infinitSpace. 

Last year, Wybo Wijnbergen, a former Managing Director at WeWork, founded infinitSpace, along with Wilco Wijnbergen and Elad Hod. The white label flexible workspace provider is enabling commercial landlords to adapt their buildings to the new ways that businesses work and, therefore, use offices.  

Wybo spoke with UK Tech News about where the idea for the company came from, why infinitSpace stands out within the increasingly competitive flexible workspace market, and what the company’s growth plans are for the coming year.  

1. Where did the idea for infinitSpace come from and who are the people behind the business? 

infinitSpace was founded in late 2020 by Wilco Wijnbergen, Elad Hod and me. We’re headquartered in Amsterdam but already have pan-European operations.   

My background is as a former Managing Director at WeWork, where I helped oversee the company’s expansion across Western Europe. Wilco, our CTO, is the founder of multiple IT companies, including one of the Netherlands’ foremost business management software solutions. And Elad is a former Director of Real Estate at Mindspace. He is a flexible workspace specialist, with a huge amount of experience in commercial real estate transactions.  ...