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How entrepreneurs can benefit from collaboration

Ben Brabyn, Head of Level39, argues that modern entrepreneurs are champions of change and explains how collaboration can help them reach their activist goals 

To grasp the spirit of the 20th century entrepreneur, let’s cast our minds back to Apple’s 1984 advertisement.  A play on the famous George Orwell novel, the advertisement starts with men clad in uninspiring grey uniforms marching down a tunnel for their daily intake of propaganda. Everyone looks the same, behaves the same and has the same ideals. In the background, and in stark contrast to this scene, we see a colourfully dressed woman who runs carrying a sledgehammer which she hurls at the screen delivering the propaganda speech, disrupting the dystopian order.

It served as a mere taster of what was to come. This advert had one job: to show the world how Apple differed from the rest and unapologetically challenged the status quo of the corporate world. In this it succeeded wonderfully. In a world where everyone followed the ‘corporate agenda’ so to speak, Steve Jobs, and his peers in the last century, made it their mission to get the world to expect the unexpected.  ...