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Hold tight but have faith: Why tech firms shouldn’t panic about Brexit and the hung parliament


Ross Fabian, partner at accountancy firm HW Fisher, explains why we shouldn’t worry about Brexit – the UK tech industry is strong enough to stand on its own two feet.

Theresa May won’t have long to lick her wounds. With formal Brexit negotiations due to start as early as next week, the newly humbled PM needs to get Britain’s Brexit ducks in a row – and quickly.

Nearly a year on from the Brexit bombshell, there’s still precious little clarity on what the final deal will look like, and whether a non-EU Britain will end up isolated from the global flows of money on which the UK tech industry relies.

But before we pack up and move to Berlin, Amsterdam or Dublin, some perspective please. Britain’s tech success may have been helped by its membership of the EU, but it no longer relies on it – and will outlive it....