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Here’s how UK tech reacted to the Supreme Court’s Brexit ruling

The Supreme Court has today given its ruling on Article 50, sparking a reaction from members of the UK’s technology sector.

The ruling rejected an appeal by ministers against a High Court judgement blocking their decision to begin Britain’s exit from the European Union without Parliament having a say in the matter.

Today’s landmark decision, which outlined that neither Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland would need to be consulted on triggering Article 50, ruled that Parliament’s approval will be necessary before official Brexit talks can begin.

Oleg Giberstein, founder of peer-to-peer career mentoring platform Guidelighter, said he was not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision as “it only upheld the law by protecting parliamentary sovereignty”.

The real question for the UK tech community, he added, will be to see how far any amendments to Theresa May’s ‘Hard Brexit’ strategy can go....