Growth Capital Ventures raises £1.1m from Maven Capital Partners


Growth Capital Ventures, an alternative finance tech company, has raised £1.1m from Maven Capital Partners.

The firm, which develops and operates online investment and capital crowdfunding platforms, aims to connect entrepreneurs and early-stage startups with investors.

Maven Capital Partners’ investment will support the development of Growth Capital Ventures’ P2P lending platform.

Growth Capital Ventures also plans to use the funding to develop its already-active investment platforms and increase deal flow for its expanding investor base.

Norman Peterson, co-founder and CEO at Growth Capital Ventures, commented: “As a result of Maven’s investment, we will be able to evolve the GrowthFunders platform, and add P2P lending to our model that will enable investors to access an additional number of asset classes and build a diversified and balanced portfolio.

“We will evolve the platform to offer investment opportunities in property and clean energy projects that provide access to asset-backed investment opportunities where value can be added through development and/or active asset management,” he added.

The investment marks Maven Capital Partners’ fourth investment through its managed Venture Capital Trust this year.

Bill Kennedy, partner at Maven Capital Partners, said: “Alternative finance, including crowdfunding and peer to peer lending is becoming an increasingly mainstream asset class.

“Maven is pleased to support Growth Capital Ventures to enable it to further develop and enhance its highly sophisticated investment platform which has been uniquely designed to connect investors with opportunities across the real estate, technology and clean energy sectors.”